Dryhead Ranch, Montana
where to find us:
between Billings, MT and Lovell, WY
guests arrive here:
every Sunday
we meet you:
at 4 pm, airport Billings, Montana

rental car:

bunk house and ranch house with shared bathrooms, cabins later in 206 or 2007
horseback riding:
daily rides, all rides = cattle work


Bighorn Canyon

The Dryhead Ranch actually consists of two different places:

Dryhead Ranch Dryhead Ranch (Montana) and the Bassett Farm (Wyoming).

The Dryhead Ranch lays in the very beautiful, peaceful, and quite country which is located about 50 miles south of Billings, Montana. It is rolling native grasslands with areas of pines and canyons, laying along the East slope of the majestic Pryor mountains which run East and West along the Montana and Wyoming border. Very few people have ever invaded it's serene and spacious lands. As you leave the paved highway and start up the canyon along the rutted road toward the mountain, you actually feel as if you travel back in time.

The Bassett Farm is an irrigated ranch located just East of Lovell, Wyoming, and it's there, that the cows are wintered and the feed is grown to complete the yearly cow and calf operation.

Back towards the mountains and into the rolling foothills, you will find another world you have no idea actually still exists today. It is the world that Will James and Louis L'amour tell about and that most people only have the opportunity to read about. But you don't have to just read about it, you can come and live it, and the Bassett family will share its realness uniqueness with you.

If you join them, it will be the thrill of a lifetime, but come prepared for a guest working ranch, because of it is going to be different than anything you have ever experienced.

The Bassett family decided to do this exactly the same way, as they have always run their cow business, the only difference is that they are taking a few guests each week so that they can share with them the lifestyle of the old West...

What is going on at the the Dryhead Ranch? Trailing cattle to other pastures, in spring and fall there are even cattle drives from Wyoming to Montana and back to other ranches, then there are branding weeks, ...

The best idea would be to let Iris Bassett and Jennifer Cerroni, the owners of the Dryhead Ranch, tell you a little bit about their ranch:

Dryhead Schively is a working cattle ranch. We have operated a cow/calf business for nearly 50 years, but about 14 years ago we decided to give a few guests the oppurtunity to come and experience the cowboy life with us.

Our cows are wintered on ranch lands in North central Wyoming and after calving season is completed in the early spring, and the grasses have started along the Eastern slopes of the Pryor Mountains in Montana, we start our cattle drives and guest season. These 50 - 55 mile drives cover some breath-taking country along an Old Sioux trail crossing the Big Horn Recreation area, the National Wild Horse Range and on into the Crow Indian Reservation country. When weather permits, we camp along this trail where we set up a cook tent and individual teepee tents for the guests.

Through the rest of the spring and early summer we settle cows and calves on good grasses while completing the adding of bulls, branding, shots and etc. The beautiful summer months includes traffing, sorting, doctoring, rotating, roping, cutting or retrieving cattle. This work covers about 40,000 acres at both the high country and the lower Pryor Mountains canyon country.

The cool, colorful fall weeks require bulls to be gathered, calves to be weaned and cows to be pregnancy tested. This year-round care at cows and calves is real, its how an efficient ranch is operated and it also lets you experience the Cowboy skills it requires. By the middle of October it is time to start the cattle drives back to Wyoming for the winter.

Trying not to take away from the real, normal and existing ranch atmosphere, we have built rustic cabins at the higher ranch and a log bunkhouse at the lower ranch, both with central bath and shower facilities. You are served basic home-cooked ranch type meals in the dining room at either ranch, given registered Quarter Horses trained to watch a cow to ride, and the native grass-land country to enjoy. Don't come looking for swimming pools, tennis courts, game rooms and spas, we don't have them.

However, do come looking for the thrill of a lifetime and experiences you never thought possible. There are very few ranches left which are owned and operated by experienced cowmen and cowboys, come visit one that is.

If you are interested in the Dryhead Ranch, just contact me.

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