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If you want to "talk" with me about ranch vacation, ask for my Skype ID, I am online almost every evening (german time).

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Save America's Wild Horses

Do you look for a working cattle ranch, where you can spend your vacation? Or do you want to go on cattle drive? No problem... Here you can find information about ranch vacation, about cattle drive, trailriding, riding lessons in the United States and Canada.
Since 2001 I work together with a travel agency, so you also can book flights, rental and travel insurance, when you go to the US or Canada from Europe. Just email me some information about your travel plan.

We have some new ranches, which will be online later this year!
So, if you don't find "your" Ranch at these pages, please email me!

I want you to know his:

Many people from Europe contacted me, because they look for a job at a ranch. If you don't live in the US or Canada there is almost no chance to find a job like that. Insurance problems, work permit problems... so I can't help you to find a job.
If you dream about being at a working cattle ranch, about pushing cattle, you better save money and go on vacation at a working cattle ranch.

Dryhead Ranch, Montana


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