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Newsletter 2010/12:

Greetings Friends:

It is amazing, but here we are at the end of another year. We have enjoyed this year with all of you, we accomplished a lot of riding and fence fixing and working cows and we have heard from many of you who had a great time.

It was a really great year for weather, and believe it or not the weather held until the 1st of December before we got about 10 inches of snow that made 3 foot drifts. Then is when Matt and Jeff quickly decided to trail all of the cows out of The Ranch. When winter finally decided to really join us, it did it with a bang. Will had to take the tractor and dig a path in the road for the cows to follow and for the vehicles to follow in order for everyone and everything to get out of The Ranch. Will dug a trail all the way to Hough Creek while Jake, Chris and Blaine trailed the cows. The wind had blown the snow into drifts from 3 to 5 feet deep and vehicles nor cows would have made the trip without his efforts.

Tyler and Cassie left us the first of October with the goal in mind for Cassie to start school in Billings by the first of November, but circumstances would not let that happen. They could not find a house to rent in their price range, and Tyler could not find a job in the area, so he finally went to work here in Lovell for the winter. They found a house to rent in town and school has been postponed for a few months.

Jake and Jessica and their two little girls have decided to become our cowboys for 2011. They have leased a herd of cows and he has some great ideas for our guests to enjoy during the 2011 guest season.

Jackie has relieved H.K. from being Mr. Mom for the winter and H.K. has been helping us do some remodeling and painting to clean things up at both The Ranch and the house in Lovell. There is never any end to what we would like to change or add but time governs what we have time to get done.

Jennifer and Iris are at the house in Lovell, all of us working to take the reservations which have been coming in nicely for the 2011 season. We have heard from a number of you already as you select the weeks you would like to join us during the coming season. We have several of the weeks already full, so if you would like us to email you the schedule for next year, please let us know and we will get it out to you.

The pictures you have forwarded to us and your comments and information about what you are doing and how you are getting along, have been very much appreciated. We hope you continue to send them along. I can’t tell you how fun it is to answer the phone and recognize your voices.

We wish you a great holiday season, and will look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes from-Iris and Jennifer, Jackie and H.K., Cody, Canon, Tyler and Cassie, Jake and Jessica,
Maddie, Cassity, Dylan, Evi, and Susie, and all the cats and all the dogs.

Newsletter 2009/12:

It is very quiet across the Dryhead yard today with several inches of snow on the ground. We can’t help but think about the busy times in the Dryhead yard this season. We hope all of you enjoyed that busy yard, with horses, dogs, trucks and trailers and guests with that "Christmas morning look" on their faces as Tyler handed them their horse on Monday morning.

Iris and Jennifer had the adventure of flying to Lansing, Michigan for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was truly amazing as we landed there in the dark and picked up a rental car to try to find Red Barn Road in the dark and in the rain. Needless to say, the only way it was possible was with a GPS to guide us through freeways, highways and streets. Keep right, turn here, go left, turn there, it seemed we were going in circles for about an hour and a half and finally there was the address we were seeking. Now we know how you feel when we drive three hours, sometimes in the dark, to The Ranch.

The horses have had their shoes removed, and have been put in their winter pasture where I am sure they are enjoying their time of rest. We will later start them on pellets and mineral block to have them ready for our spring roundup. The stallions have been separated from the mares and they are turned out with the geldings until spring. The cows have all been gathered and trailed back into Wyoming for winter. We are all enjoying the rest.

Tyler and Cassie have been invited to New Jersey to visit Dylan King just before the Christmas holiday. It will be their first time on an airplane and they will get to visit New York City. Won’t that be something? Jennifer has moved her computer back to Lovell for the winter and those wild Indian kittens. We are all very busy with new ideas and advertising for the 2010 season. Iris is still at the office in Lovell answering all of your emails and answering requests for reservations. Jackie is back at home in Lovell chasing Canon and Cody and trying to keep track of them and their school activities.

Some of you will remember "Blue" our ranch dog. We finally lost that great old dog about the last of October. He went quickly and easily and we buried him on the hill next to Joe.

You have made it possible for us to share our way of life with you and we hope it was an awesome time for you. It was special for us to meet you and visit with you about your ways of life. We learn from each one of you while we share with you what is special about The Ranch. It is a real joy for us to have this opportunity. Have a great holiday season. Write us an email and let us know how each of you are. See you in 2010.

From All of Us At the Dryhead Ranch
Jennifer, Iris, Tyler, Jackie, Suzie, Riggs, and Gary

Newsletter 2008/12: GREETINGS FROM THE GANG AT Dryhead Ranch

It has been a very busy time for us since the season ended in the middle of November, but we are going to stop and send all of you that were our guests this year a sincere thank you and a greeting for a great holiday season.

We have heard from many of you, and some of you were kind enough to send complimentary emails to us and others. We are very appreciative of that effort.

It is no secret that our world is in an economic crunch at this time, but still the need of a restful and quiet vacation sometime during the year, will continue to be a must. We would like to offer our effort to help a little with the cost of your vacation by offering the 2008 pricing along with a 5% discount for the second week and a 5% discount for the wife of a married couple for anyone that can make their reservation and deposit before the January 15th deadline.

We have determined that everyone comes on a working cattle and horse vacation because of their love of horses. Therefore, we are enlarging our horse program with mini horse drives and more roping steer activities and colt handling instructions. These activities are scheduled throughout our ranch weeks and your call will give us the opportunity to tell you exactly when those activities will be scheduled.

We’ve had a few inches of snow, which comes and goes and blows here and there, but nothing yet that stops us. We have most of the horses settled and have sold a few colts. We have made arrangements for the horse colts to spend the winter in Bridger with Jessica and Jake. All of the riding boys are out on the north side and you can tell when we drive out among them that they are really enjoying their rest.

As we look down from the mountain over all of that beautiful and breathless country, we thank our Heavenly Father for the privilege of being able to live in such a remote, and spaceous area. It truly has been great to be able to share it with so many people and we are looking forward to 2009 and being able to share it with many more people. We surely hope that you will be among them.

Much joy and happiness to all of you.
Iris and Jennifer

News 2007

Our cook is going to be a she this year. Marc got married in November. Our cowboy who rode for us last fall, Mike Burchum, will join us again and be head cowboy in charge of cows and guests. His wife, Connie, is going to cook for us. They have two kids, Taylor, a girl 13 and Ethan, age 4.

Spring horse drive:
We have a lot of snow on top of the Pryors at this time and we are not sure that we will be able to trail horses over the mountain ---- we might have to trail them around.
Fall horse drive:
We changed the last Fall Cattle Drive (Nov. 4 - 10, 2007) to a HORSE DRIVE!

Dryhead Ranch NEWSLETTER 2006/12

We have come to the end of the 2006 season and it surely has been an interesting experience, especially for this Dryhead crew. As you know it was our first full year without our head man Joe. We surely did miss his expertise.

However, we watched Jake and Jessica really learn and grow. They had the help of cowboys Jay Dee, Ike, Sandy and Mike at different times of the season. Jake has always had the breaking and caring for the horses as his job, previously under Joe’s careful suggestions. Suddenly he found himself newly married to Jessica and in charge of about 1000 head of mother cows and their calves, being ranch manager of about 30,000 acres of mountain and canyon grassland, and all of that through a pretty wet spring, a very dry summer and some wet fall days. They did great and with the 2007 season coming at them they will surely do great.

Jessica and Jake were married in March, just before graduation and the beginning of the guest season. As a little girl and a young lady born into The Ranch life, she had learned a lot from her grandpa Joe, but she found living at The Ranch for a full guest season had many great challenges she had not been a part of before.

Iris enjoyed the winter at The Ranch. They were snowed in for four or five days out of five months and she amazed everyone with her determination to come back and forth without any problems. She helped supervise our carpenters and construction work in the spring and organized the details for the guest season as always. We finished the work on the bunkhouse and it is especially impressive. The Ranch house was the choice of many for accommodations, but that changed when we got the bunkhouse finished. The restoration of that historic building was a real challenge, but truly a work of love. Our goal for early 2007 is to get all of the landscaping done around the bunkhouse and cabins.

Jennifer took about 9,000 pictures during the 2007 season. She has sent them to many advertising places in hopes that Dryhead Ranch can be more looked at in 2007. She put 50,000 miles on her suburban taking lunches, picking up guests, and watching out for cowboys and guests.

Tyler, at 17, did not work at The Ranch this year as he opted to work in Lovell for our neighbor, Brad Tippetts. Many got to ride with them on the Big Horn Mountain rides as we trail cows for Brad and his dad, Wilford.

Kristen was rodeo princess for Lovell's Days which kept her riding in parades and being at practices for a good part of the summer. Steve's horse business has grown tremendously this year and he was busy buying, riding, caring for, and selling horses.

Marc continued to be our cook for all of the season, but the love bug bit him about August and as soon as the season was completed, he and Sue were married in The Ranch house and have now both returned to Virginia to start a life together. He says he wants to come back to join us for the 2007 season, but when it comes time to leave Sue in the spring...

Jackie joined us in mid-year to help with the store, the reservations, the email and the advertising. Much to her surprise she got to spend several days in camp during the Horse Drive this fall. She filled in for Jennifer taking lunches and taking pictures. It was a great experience. She is a bundle of energy and ideas for the 2007 season and we are all working together in getting them put into action.

We do enjoy all of you that let us know you had arrived safely home. We appreciate all of your complimentary letters and pictures some of them have been put into the website for others to read. Anyone wanting to add to these comments can write them in the website. Just send us a mail.

We know that you have had a great adventure when you bring or send your friends and family back to spend a week with us. Half of our guest numbers in 2006 were returns and referrals. Thank you all.

We wish for this holiday season the very best for each and every one of you. We hope that Santa will be really good to you this year and health and happiness and prosperity will be some of your treasures for 2007.

Come See Us In 2007
Dryhead Ranch Gang

NEWS 2006

Do you remember Jessica, the 5 yo girl, who rode with us, when I visited The Ranch in 1993? She just GOT MARRIED!!! Here are some PICTURES... Jessica and Jake train the horses at the Dryhead Ranch.

The Ranch's Bunk House got renovated... a new roof, a new porch, 2 bathrooms, a roof for the stairways... Have a look!


Seasons greetings from all of us and we are pleased to send a sincere holiday wish out to all our guests and their families.

We finished our season about a month ago and now getting geared up for Christmas. We have already had several beautiful snow storms and It’s been along time since snow has piled to reach nearly a foot around the cook house. The moisture will be most welcomed.

We look into the future with hope and determination as it’s been a tremendously challenging year for all of us.

We had a rocky start to the season without a cook, and we thank Jennifer for stepping in and getting us thru.

Our cattle drives and branding weeks went well and flew by. We got thru the organizing of the mare bands just in time to help our neighbor with drives up into the Bighorn Mountains. It’s great to see everyone enjoys the drives we do on the Bighorns.

Just as we found a cook and summer was settling in, a tragic accident took the life of our husband, father, grandfather, and friend, Joe Bassett. we would like to thank each and everyone of our guests for the tremendous out-pouring of sympathy and encouragement givin to us during these last five months. It has truly made it possible for us to survive.

The 2006 seasons is already in full motion. We are pleased to announce the return of our cook Marc, cowboys, Jake and Jack and cowgirl Jesse. We’re still working on Tyler and K.C..

We have finished the bathrooms at the end of the bunkhouse and the plumbing to all of the cabins is complete and they have been placed on the foundations. Winter has slowed our progess but we hope to have the cabin bathrooms complete before spring.

We have new ideas for next seasons and we’re looking forward to having you join us again.

There are many people who come and go in our lives. A few touch us in ways that change us forever, making us better for knowing them. You as guests make a difference in our lives, and for this we are grateful.

Our best wishes from, everyone at Dryhead
Iris, Jennifer, Steve, Jake, Jack, J.D., Jessica, Tyler, K.C., and Marc.

Jeremy Tribute

Dryhead-Dryhead nurtured and watched the development of a real cowboy for 21 years.

Jeremy came to The Ranch for the first time in a laundry basket at the age of 2 weeks. He began roping at the age of 2 under the direct instructions of his grandpa Joe and became his constant shadow.

Sunday, September 14, 2003 Jeremy Joe Croft was killed in a truck accident coming home from Billings.

He was buried here at the Dryhead Ranch where he spent his life riding grandpa Joe’s horses and taking care of uncle Matt’s cattle.

Thank you to all who have sent expressions of sympathy to his family and shared in the great loss of a special young man.
Jennifer, Steve, Jay, Will, Patti, Jessica, Tyler and Kristen

NEWSLETTER 2003 / 2004

The 2003 season for the Dryhead Ranch has come to a close. There is snow on the ground, and those of you that were with us this year realize what I say when I mention MOISTURE. We just didn’t have any. Thanks goodness there was spring moisture enough to bring the grass and give it enough boast to last the season. Finally, there is about a foot up on Little Mountain and about 5 or 6 inches at The Ranch, but each day it does melt a little. It is slowly going into the ground where it is needed.

We have all adjusted somewhat to the devastating lose of Jeremy, our friend, our grandson, our son, and our cowboy all wrapped up into one great package. His grave is up on the rims above the round corral, which we felt was a fitting resting place for him. The outpouring of cards, food, flowers and phone calls from guests, near and far was amazing and comforting to say the least. It was unreal how far the word traveled and to what extent it was received. No amount of words can tell all of you how much it was appreciated and how comforting it was to receive.

We want all of you to know we probably didn’t do as well as we would have liked through all this, but some special friends and relatives assisted us and it was much appreciated. Most of you will remember Jack Blankenship; he came and helped during the remainder of the season. Steve Cerroni gave a lot of his time away from his business to keep us going. Steve also put together an outstanding horsemanship clinic with Billie and Deb Greenough and the new summer cattle drives in the Big Horn Mountains. Brad & Mary Beth Cockran, Donna and Josh Bassett, Doug and Penny Young all came to help. Matt, Jay, and Will came when they could. I hesitate to mention names, because I will miss so many that shouldn’t be missed. P.J. came in the middle of all that to be our cook and help in caring for our guests. We struggled forward and made it happen, and we sincerely thank you for your patience and concern. Thanks for putting up with us, and especially THANKS for being our guests.

We have some great plans for next year. Our web pages have been revised, our advertising has been updated and renewed, and for those new prospective guests that request new information we have a CD-Rom which we feel does justice to the uniqueness of our ranch. We feel we have just a little part of a fast disappearing way of life. So much of agriculture has left the hands of agricultural people and is now in the hands of investment groups only there for the return on their dollar. We sincerely hope we offer a chance to see and experience a fast vanishing part of history.

We are extending to all of our past Dryhead/dryhead guests a special for the year 2004. We are forced to make some changes, but to our past guests we would like you to have the privilege of returning again at the former 2003 prices as we adjust and make our changes.
download our newsletter as pdf file
  [download pdf file]
We need to have these accepting reservations, including the required deposit, received at our office before the first of the new year 2004. Each of our newsletters will be sent to the email addresses, which you gave us at the time you were here. The current date sheet and Application for Reservation for 2004 can be found included in our web site. We are really looking forward to this being the year of the return. There are so many of you we have not heard from recently and you have been thought about and missed.

From the Dryhead Gang @ The Dryhead Ranch
Nov. 2003

July 2003:


Das Erste, was mir in den Sinn kam, als wir diesen Newsletter zu schreiben begannen, war:

"Könntet Ihr nur hier sein! "

In diesem Jahr reiten wir hauptsächlich auf der Dryhead Ranch und möchten Euch wir einige neue Angebote vorstellen. Beispielsweise führen wir mehrere Horsemanship Kurse durch, die vom dreimaligen World Champion Rodeo Cowboy Deb Greenough geleitet werden. Diese zweitägigen Kurse umfassen alle Phasen der Pferdeausbildung, vom Training der Fohlen über Behandlung von Problempferden bis zur Ausbildung von Reit- und Turnierpferden… Wir stellen unsere Ranchpferde und Fohlen für die Kurse zur Verfügung, einige von ihnen werden nach den Kursen zum Verkauf stehen. Wir werden auch Vorführungen im Cutting zeigen und geben Anleitungen zum Ropen, zur Arbeit mit den Rindern, zu Team Penning und Rinder aussortieren.

Der vergangene Winter brachte uns viel Neues. Die Rinder wurden gut versorgt und sind inzwischen mit dem Abkalben fertig. Auf der Farm in Lovell, Wyoming hatten wir neben den Rindern auch eine Herde Jungpferde. Jeden Morgen konnten wir vierzig Fohlen sehen, wie sie im Corral buckelten und spielten, während sie gefüttert wurden. Die Reitpferde der Gäste haben den Winter auf der Ranch in Montana verbracht. Wir haben mehr Niederschlag gehabt, als in mehreren Vorjahren und wir sind dankbar dafür.

Joe und einige seiner Enkelkinder fuhren vor einigen Wochen nach Dryhead, um die Gästepferde zusammen zu treiben. Die Pferde wurden verladen und nach Lovell gebracht, wo sie gefüttert und beschlagen wurden, damit sie fit für den ersten Cattle Drive im April waren.

Dieses Jahr können wir zwei neue Cattle Drives anbieten. Wir werden einige Rinder in die etwa 12.000 Fuß hoch gelegenen Bighorn Mountains treiben. Diese Cattle Drives finden vom 6. bis 12. Juli und vom 13. bis 19. Juli statt. Letztendlich können wir, nachdem wir sonst immer nur an den Bighorn Mountains entlang reiten, nun auch in die Berge reiten und haben die Möglichkeit, in einer der schönsten Gegenden der USA zu campen. Die Plätze sind begrenzt und da wir lange und harte Tage im Sattel verbringen werden gibt es Altersbeschrankungen für diese Cattle Drives. Die Buchungen kommen schnell rein, bei Interesse an diesen Drives sollte man sich bald bei uns melden.

Obwohl Joe ziemlich beschäftigt mit seiner Pferdezucht ist werden er und Iris auf der Ranch sein, um sicher zu gehen, dass die Western Traditionen erhalten bleiben.

Steve Beagley ist nach Utah gezogen und wird dieses Jahr nicht bei uns sein. Marie wird wieder für uns kochen und Mark wird auch wieder auf der Ranch sein, um zu helfen. Steve Cerroni ist unser Cowboy, er und Jen werden dafür sorgen, dass Euer Cowboy Abenteuer unvergesslich wird.

Einige von Euch haben bereits wieder gebucht und werden uns dieses Jahr besuchen. Wir sind Euch sehr dank-bar dafür und freuen uns darauf, Euch zu sehen und unsere Freundschaft zu erneuern. Einige von Euch, wir hof-fen, von Euch zu hören, wir werden Euch sehr vermissen, wenn Ihr Euch nicht meldet. So denkt bitte an uns… und besucht uns.

Mit besten Grüßen von der Dryhead Gang @ Dryhead Ranch

April - May 2002

As we look at beginning our 2002 guest season we have a few new faces and many of the familiar ones that make it seem like home.

On a sad note, we lost one of our most loved cowboys on April 4, 2002. Whitey Hopkins died from a heart attack while he was in Denver to his Garland Light and Power meetings. Whitey and Alice were dancing when the Lord called him home. His funeral was the largest funeral held in their church in Powell and it was a true memorial to our friend who was a friend to everyone. Her address is: Alice Hopkins - 203 Lane 10 1/2 - Powell, Wyoming 82435

We have three days before we begin our cattle drives and the moisture we have been hoping for all winter has gradually been coming. Our grass is very short and our land very dry. The main concern is water. Most of our creeks coming out of the Pryor Mountains are not running any water and we have been thinking of other alternate things we can do so that cows coming in this spring will have water to drink once they are at The Ranch.

Steve Beagley and Pepper are getting horses and saddles ready for the first arrivals on Sunday, April 21. Steve Cerroni is ready to join us on the drives and Tuff has gained so much weight these first few weeks will be hard on him. Our cook joins us from Joliet, Montana. Marie Joumotte is a great cook, a good sport for our style01 of living. Her son Mark will be helping with camp and around the kitchen. Chris Raymonn will return from Switzerland in early May and stay for 6 months until her visa is up. Jay Croft who works for Matt will be helping with the cow end of our business. Jeremy will graduate from high school May 20 and Will is looking forward to the end of school so that he can join us at The Ranch for branding. Jessica has many projects coming up this summer but Tyler will joining us at The Ranch most of the summer. Kristen has her horse cavvy all picked out and can't imagine why Grandpa won't let her have Half Interest as one of her personal horses.

As we begin this 2002 season we have lots of concerns: weather, water, guest numbers, horses, doing a good job with our guests, making our vacation what each of you hope for and life. Schively and the Dryhead Ranch are beautiful and patiently waiting our arrival. Come and join us this 2002 season.

Spring 2002

Thanks for coming to our website to catch up on what is going on at the Dryhead. We had a great shock on September 11, as everyone in the world did. Our cowboy heard the news on the radio just before breakfast that morning and when he came to the kitchen to announce that a plane had hit the Twin Towers in New York, he immediately had the undivided attention of 9 of our guests as they were all from New York. The whole day was tense and anxious as we rode and gathered and sorted heifers and cows and calves. I drove out to the water tank just before noon to take pictures and parked the Suburban in the middle of all the horses and cowboys and opened all the windows and listened to the President of the United States speak. It was a moment in our memories that will always be clear and precise.

Our guest season after September 11 was touch and go each week. We worried about flights in and flights out and whether guests would be able to come. Our guest numbers were down in 2001 but we feel blessed in many other ways. In a dry season, we had enough rain to make enough grass to feed our cows until late November. Our neighboring ranches had springs dry up and grass burn up by August and they had to take cows home early. Our guests did come, where many ranches experienced many cancellations. We had a good pregnancy rate in our cows and a good weaning weight for our calves. In a dry year weaning weights are usually light and pregnancy rates are down or late, so we were blessed again. We trailed the last herd of cows home in early December and all has gone well this winter. We are having new baby calves daily as we prepare for the 2002 season. We are blessed again to receive steady reservations for this coming 2002 season. We hope that everyone will come to our website, look at the new pictures and remember Dryhead.

Joe and Iris are feeling well and several nights a week watch one of their grandchildren play basketball or sing or be in the band at school. Steve Beagley went to Utah for the winter. His divorce is final and he will return in early February after his son is married on February 2, 2002. Jay Croft and Dalton are checking heifers every two hour day and night and cosmic bowling on Saturday night. Linda Traylor cooked until late August when she and Emily returned to Mississippi so that Emily could go back to school. Jennifer, Steve and kids are doing well. Jeremy, Will, Jessica, Tyler and Kristen are getting good grades. Home improvements for this winter includes new kitchen cupboards, wow! What a change. Matt, Tracy are kept busy as the girls are playing basketball every weekend, playing in the band, choir festivals, and getting good grades. Matt is kept busy with 1,200 cows eating on various pastures and 1,200 calves eating in the feedlot down below the hill. Bret took a job at the Lovell Hospital in September and likes his single life freedom. K.J. took an outfitting job in the fall and had a great time guiding hunters. Joe has several of his horses that he has decided to sell on www.dreamhorse.com. If any of you are interested, take a look.

The new baby calves are on the ground and the ground work is in place for a great new 2002 Dryhead season. Come and join us.

Das war der Newsletter 2001:

Dryhead's 2000 season has been completed. It has come and gone so quickly that we are hardly able to believe it. We suppose that Joe and Iris have seen enough years go by that the number 2000 was an unbeliveable goal, and yet, here it is and there it went.

Here again we have been extremely blessed to have met another wonderful extended guest family, some new and some renewed. All of us, here at Dryhead, feel extremely fortunate to work where we do, live where we live and have the opportunity of lasting friendships that we've made with others who enjoy the same things we do.

Horses and cattle have always been a part of our lives. Joe and Iris have grandparents who homesteaded in the Lovell area, and who purchased summer grass for their cattle on the Dryhead. They remember the people who settled and built the first large house on the Schively and the Dryhead. Yet, here so many years later, they are able to share this country, these cowboy and Indian stories, these horses and cattle, these true cowboy traditions with so many others that have such dreams.

Probably the main bond we all have with each other is the horse. Joe's first horse was a sorrel Quarter Horse and he has slowly built on that love ever since. One of the things that has made this life's job special is being able to share the things we love with others that love and dream of experiencing the same things. The notes and letters we've received this year commenting on the satisfaction that has come from coming to Schively/Dryhead have been some of the greatest. Reading your stories of how you felt about your experiences here and the horses you liked the best. About how your ambitions were realized or how your life was improved and changed, makes us realize that being part of all this is much more than simply owning cattle and raising good horses.

We wish we could bottle all your enthusiasm for what you experienced and the love you have for the horse, and spread it around. It's not about the way you ride, or who you are, or what you have attained in this world, it about how your experience at Schively/Dryhead has made you feel better about yourself.

We made some major changes this year, the schedule change probably being the biggest. Thanks bunches for changing with us with very few objections. We were able to give each of our workers just a few hours each week to themselves. We were also still able to give you just as much time in the saddle as before, and still manage to care for our livestock as before. Now that you have had time to think about things, we know that you have decided that getting rained on is a necessary part of the reality, that Big Sky country definitely has unfiltered sunlight, that the 14 inches of very early wet snow the last of September was magnificent, and that the sudden approach of winter on the last cattle drive did realistically cause all the cows to come down from Spring Creek, by themselves, and there they stood at the gate ready to head for Wyoming. (By the way, you left about 50 head that we had to go back later and bring home)

The pictures you have sent so far have been wonderful. We are still going to do our picture contest and we hope you keep them coming so we can pick some winners. We think maybe your deposit on your 2001 week could be a good 1st prize, a 5% discount on your 2001 vacation here would be great for the second prize and a Schively/Dryhead T-shirt might made a good 3rd prize.

As far as we know, Iris, Joe and Jennifer will all be here to greet you in 2001, Beagley will still be our head cowboy, Will still plans on being his sidekick for summer, and the other kids should still be around to pester and delight you. However, sadly, we have to say goodbye to Martha and wish her success and the very best as she heads for her home in Washington. Whitey was able to join us for several days here and there during the summer. His health has improved greatly and he looks good. Ethel's husband passed away in January and she moved to Custer, Montana, in the middle of the summer to be near her ill sister. She phones very often to find out who we have visited with and how all of you are.

Now, here you are up to date on us. We sure enjoy all of your letters and emails so keep them coming and we hope to see you in 2001.

Für alle, die weitere Infos zur Ranch haben wollen, hier ist der Newsletter 2000:

It really seemed that 1999 went extremely quickly, however, it was also extremely busy and maybe that was why it went so fast. In March we were able to complete the purchase of the other half of the Dryhead Ranch. We started this guest idea 18 years ago and this completes our 17th year. Those of you that started with us that many years ago voice your amazement at what has been accomplished, just the same as we do. It is really good to look back sometime and see the progress rather than always looking ahead at all that still has to be done.

Our greatest improvement this year has been the addition of the porch and roof over the bunkhouse. It really looks great and so many of you have been very complimentary with your comments. We also chinked all the logs inside, upstairs and downstairs and put several coats of sealant to hopefully seal the logs better. We carpeted both upstairs rooms and removed some of the beds and put in furniture and racks to offer more comfort to our guests. We added three guestrooms in the big house and an additional bathroom. We are also going to makeup the beds at Schively/Dryhead and do away with the bedrolls we have been renting, except for cattle drives.

When it came time for the late fall cattle drives out of the Schively/Dryhead country and into the Wyoming pastures the weather was still warm and dry. The fields in Wyoming were still green and growing and it was impossible to bring all the cattle out of the mountains, so we brought small herds for our cattle drives and left the large part of our cattle high up on Spring Creek. They did well for nearly a month and then the first week in December we trailed all 900 of them home at once, what a spectacular sight. Matt, Joe and the boys are now working them and tomorrow we will start trailing them to the river "bottom" pastures for the winter.

As some of you have heard, Whitey had a heart attack in June and it took him most of the summer to recover, but he has done well and says hi to all of you. How much he will still be able to cowboy will have to be determined come spring. In the middle of August Steve decided to start his own catalogue and horse business and that seems to be going well. Martha is still here in Wyoming with us. She went home to Washington for a brief visit at Thanksgiving, but she has now returned and we use her to help with this computer and Joe really enjoys her help with all of his colts. After Steve left, Brad and Mary Beth Cochran came to help us and they have now found them a home in Powell and he is going to find work around there.

Jennifer is still running fast to keep up with her children and all their school activities, plus getting ready for Christmas and working days here in the office. Jeremy has bought a pickup which he thinks is the greatest thing in the world, Will is counting the days until December 24th when he turns 16 and can get his beginners permit. Jessica now has her own horse and knows the names of all of grandpa and Steve's horses. She gets better every day at handling them and I hope she stays with it through the difficult teenage years she starting into. Tyler is as tall as Jessica and still has that endless supply of energy that we all wish we could have. Kristen still rules the household and now that her sister Patty is living with them they really enjoy each other.

Joe has started with his sleep machine, and it has really seemed to help him have more energy and ambition. It also seems to have helped with the headaches. Joe and Iris actually took a trip this summer with a couple of our guests from Germany and they traveled across North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan into Sault Ste Marie on into Canada and across that country into Nova Scotia where they stayed with the Berger family for several days on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. They then flew to Boston and spent several days with friends who so graciously showed us a few parts of New England. They actually got on an airplane and flew back to Billings. They now have a greater knowledge of parts of the country where some of you live and can better understand why Montana and Wyoming look so big and open.

At the urging of many of our returning guests, and because of slowly rising inflation, we have decided on some major changes in the scheduling and pricing of the vacation packages at Dryhead. Believe us, this is scary, because what we were doing had been working pretty well, but it was getting harder for us to handle working seven day a week with no break from April to November, so here are our changes.

We will now have our last ride on Saturday morning and come back to the cookhouse for a big noon meal. We'll pack and load and have you back into Billings by evening where you can either catch late flights or stay in Billings for Saturday night, which most of you were doing anyway. That will make it possible for you to catch early Sunday flights and will get you back into the East early in the day. You will be picked up for the beginning of your Schively/Dryhead vacation on Sunday at the airport at 4:00 P.M. There will be no transfer fee for the Sunday 4:00 P. M. pickup and the Saturday 6:00 P.M. return trip to Billings. Special arrangements and charges will need to be made for anything different. Also, there will be no extra charge for the use of credit cards and we will still take your personal checks, but would appreciate your credit card numbers to hold while your check clears. Travelers check are also accepted and seem to work best for foreign travelers.

All of these decisions have come after much deliberation and communication with as many of you as we were able to talk with. Our guest business has brought us many good times and we've met many great friends, and we've enjoy sharing our remote, open country which a lot of you would never get to see otherwise. We have also enjoyed sharing our lifestyle01 and horses and we don't have to tell you that Joe is a great horse lover and we've been told many times that he has the best string of horses in the business. We wish to extend to all of you and your families holiday greetings and the very best for the new millennium from everyone at Dryhead. We will be waiting anxiously to hear from you and when you call ask about our photo contest for 2000.
Ya'll come back, ya hear!!!!!!

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